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Chris of MMCrypto found a bitcoin fractal pattern that lines up with the 1.618

A $1.2 billion publicly-traded company may start investing in bitcoin and gold to avoid inflation

Search Bing and google for the following without quotes
"bitcoin and gold to avoid inflation"
And tell me I am crazy that this article should have more weight than anything else without the quotes duh!

Uniswap for the guy with few hundred

How to detect fake silver coins

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Stand By- 0:00
Introduction- 8:03
Bitcoin Technical Analysis- 10:45
Publicly Traded Company investing on BTC- 20:24
Uniswap Commentary- 22:38
Q&A Section- 29:27
Q1. How would you set up the leverage and stop loss for a ETH or BTC trade to the up side?- 29:35
Q2. Is Canadian mint a safe brand? Also is it worth buying Perth mint 1kg silver coin?- 35:09
Q3. What’s the best way to take profits?- 38:31
Q4. Thoughts on Ethereum Capital?- 40:30
Q5. Can you take a look at ZRX?- 44:17
Special Thanks!- 47:37
Q6. Thoughts about Bitcoin Vault- 47:53
Q7. If you could buy a whole bitcoin now would you or wait for a pull back?- 50:51
Q8. Do you still believe that Wall Street derivatives will be a threat to BTC's long-term price?- 56:14
Q9. How do we enter the competition?- 58:11
Q10. How do you trade LTCvsBTC, its the Little old lady a good strategy?- 1:00:25

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