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Why Did Quiksilver Drop Clay Marzo? | What Happened to Clay Marzo, Ep. 3

09 Jan 2021


Although once poised on the precipice of competitive success, Clay Marzo's difficulties with large social situations (due to Asperger syndrome) made him choose the life of a freesurfer. He hoped to avoid the social pressures of the competitive life while focussing on his passion of surfing really, really well. However, freesurfing comes with its own unique set of difficulties.

After Clay suffers two back-to-back knee injuries, the global surf market tanks and his main sponsor Quiksilver is forced to drop him from their roster. Despite coming back as strong as ever, the man who was once tipped to be one of the best in the world is now unemployed and searching for a new direction in life.

Director: Jamie Tierney
Producer: Jamie Tierney
Athletes: Clay Marzo
Sports: Surfing

Why Did Quiksilver Drop Clay Marzo? | What Happened to Clay Marzo, Ep. 3

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