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23 Oct 2020

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he ballet is beautiful and unique. But few people know that behind every weightless jump and graceful gesture there are years of training, bloodied legs, injuries, pain, tears, endless attempts and failures. All this is only for the sake of sincere emotions and burning eyes of sophisticated ballet lovers. Full halls, thunderous applause - isn't this a confirmation of the viewer's true love and gratitude? We will tell, and most importantly, show what each artist goes through in order to achieve world recognition.

In March, the “Russian Ballet” project, a unique reality show, which will reveal to viewers the life of one of the most beautiful and private art forms, will be launched on the U TV Channel.

Since December last year, our film crew has become part of the famous ballet troupe of the Classical Ballet Theater under the direction of Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov. During the filming, the troupe managed to go on tour in St. Petersburg, Israel and Morocco. Now the troupe members are actively preparing for an international tour.

But not everyone will go on tour, but only those who show themselves, earn a place and time in performances. And this is all against the background of intrigue, love stories and betrayals.

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