U.S. Send More than 50 F-35 Fighter Jet to Europe to Deter Russia

24 Nov 2020

Why U.S. Send More than 50 F-35 Fighter Jet to Europe ? The pentagon is sending more than 50 f-35 joint strike fighters to europe over the next few years to deter russia and help nato prepare for an entirely new kind of warfare. Bringing f-35s to the european continent introduces a range of new attack options for u.s. And nato forces seeking to prevent potential russian advances; it brings 5th generation stealth, which includes targeting sensors with never-before-seen range, new air-to-air weapons and a drone-like ability to surveil and target areas of interest. U.s. And allied f-35s all have a common data link which enables dispersed, yet-networked attack options. In a tactical sense, it seems that a high-speed f-35, fortified by long-range sensors and targeting technologies, might be well positioned to identify and destroy mobile weapons launchers or other vital, yet slightly smaller on-the-move.
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