‘Treasonous’ Democrats will pay a ‘substantial price’ for Russian ‘witch hunt’: Donald Trump

11 Nov 2020

US President Donald Trump says the Democrats are a bunch of “treasonous crooks” who will pay a substantial price for their Russian “witch hunt”.

“It was a whole big disinformation campaign,” President Trump urged people to remember at a rally in Virginia.

“What would my numbers be if I didn’t go through almost four years of a Russian witch hunt that turned out to be just the opposite – they were the ones that were involved with Russia.

“Now if you look at everything that’s come out over the last few days, we caught them, they’ve been caught.

“They spied on my campaign, and they tried for a coup – can you believe it in this day and age?

“And we caught them cold.”

President Trump said the son of rival presidential candidate Joe Biden got $3.5 million from the wife of a mayor of Moscow.

“Think about that,” he said.

“What would our popularity be if every day for almost four years you didn’t hear any of this bull****?

“With all we’ve done, I think that would be very nice if the Democrats would say ‘yes if you’d like we could cancel the election because we have no chance.”

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