TO THE GRAVE - Ecocide [Official Music Video]

26 Jun 2020

New album GLOBAL WARNING arrives 08.11.19
Location: Sydney, Australia
Big Cartel:
US/EU Merch:
It's not god or death I'm afraid of
But what the ones left living are capable of
Giver of misery, the pain is here to stay
Pure hypocrisy, don't fucking look away

I wrote this in blood.

Don't think for a second we won't take it by force
When will we learn? it seems no peace without war
So much in common between the man and the pig
We broke the neck of the swan before it could sing

I've stopped giving a fuck about how you feel
Give em an inch and they'll make you regret it.
I'm done telling cunts what they want to hear
You won't get an apology from me so forget it.

"We should have killed ourselves before we let it get this bad" Etched on the tombstone of seven billion cowards

We owe a debt only paid in suffering
A cut wrist deep for every heartbeat that we paid someone to cease
Head in our hands, we all deserve to die sad
When you cling to the food chain don't bitch when you get devoured
Walking coffins, empty your wrists
You've dug your graves now lay in them

Gardens become graveyards
Planting people like trees in the dirt
Temples become tombs
Slice up the street for me, empty your wrists.

We can't afford to let more like you be born
When will we learn it seems no peace without war
Our eulogy will read "they stood for nothing"
We broke the neck of the swan before it could sing

If you ever want to see your family again
They demand a pound of flesh, weighed on the scales of justice
Seven pints of sacrifice, Tooth, nail and empty wrists
Hand us all our death sentences.

It will be shepherds sent to slaughter, predators now prey
All that could be given still dwarfed by what we fucking take
You want me to say sorry for trying to unfuck this place?
No apologies for the inconvenience, go fuck yourself.

I'm sick of being sick to my guts thanks to you
If I'm telling the truth I can't wait to spit you out.


Directed by Elliott Sauvage @ Sauvage Photo
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Tom Cadden

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