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The president 'we're meant to hate' garnered 5 million more votes than last time

11 Nov 2020

Broadcaster Michael McLaren says Donald Trump garnered five million more votes at the recent election than in 2016, despite the fact every aspect of American polite society have been telling people that “to vote for him is a pox on your own house".

“There’s been a lot of analysis about the extra votes Trump garnered compared to 2016, and that’s very important point to make,” Mr McLaren told Sky News host Alan Jones.

“Because … this is a guy that we’re meant to hate.

“The media, academia, every aspect of American polite society has been telling the so-called deplorables for four years that this is somebody that really is a white supremacist, in essence a bit of a neo-Nazi, and to vote for him is a pox on your own house.

“And yet, five more million, at least five more million Americans said 'no, we’ll stick with you thanks very much'".

“I don’t think too many people voted for Biden, there was a lot of voting against Trump.”

“So if you put it together, Trump really has energized the better part of 150 million Americans to vote.

“All this talk of Biden’s brought out 70-75 million, I don’t think so.

“Biden can hardly bring himself out of bed.

“Trump energized the left and the right.

“And if no other legacy, that’s a very positive legacy for American democracy.”

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