The Lord of the Rings (2022) Amazon TV Series Trailer Concept | Prime Video

13 Aug 2021

"A grand journey is defined by its travelers."

Return to Middle-Earth. Teaser trailer CONCEPT for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings TV seires on Amaozn Prime Video. The series is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth before the events of the Lord of the Rings novel and films.

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Following the announcement of Amazon Prime's multi-series production of Lord of the Rings, there has been virtual radio silence regarding the highly anticipated show.

Thanks to a massive $465 million budget, the series has been billed as "the biggest TV show in history", with filming under way in New Zealand since the start of 2020.

Recently, Amazon dropped the production's first image, depicting a stunning landscape, just as shooting wrapped.

Amazon announced that the show will be released on September 2, 2022.

The programme will air exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 territories and nations all over the world. Eight episodes will be available in total, arriving on a weekly basis, for the first season.

The series goes back to the Second Age of Middle-earth's history in Tolkien's books, thousands of years before the events depicted in The Lord of the Rings as well as The Hobbit.

In the featured period, a number of key events from The Lord of the Rings are played out, including Elrond's establishment of the refuge of Rivendell and the emergence of the Ringwraiths. The Rings of Power were also forged during the Second Age.

At present, there is no trailer for Amazon's Lord of the Rings show, but filming has recently wrapped in New Zealand.

A preview will likely follow early next year.

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