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TCL NXTPAPER (from Keynote) New Reflective LCD, Sunlight and Outdoor Readable, Ultra Low Power

11 Jan 2021

TCL launches NXTPAPER, they claim 11 patents are used to make it, coming to real products soon, they are talking about Full HD, 65% lower power consumption than a regular display device (I guess this is for the power consumption of the whole device, not just of the display), 35% thinner than regular LCD (for the display part only, probably because it lacks a backlight). I hope they plan to put it in a Thinkpad style Arm Powered Laptop! And with a front light or backlight switch for full usage in all conditions, and hopefully they use matte plastic instead of glass glossy. This is a clip taken from the official TCL IFA 2020 keynote video which you can watch here: for now the only other NXTPAPER video I have found thus far on YouTube is this one posted by hxos plus: if anyone finds any other video demos of NXTPAPER thanks for please letting me know in a comment.

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