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13 Oct 2021

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Blake Levine
RTS Carrier Services
Direct Line: (913) 521-6875

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Bonehead Truckers of the Week every Wednesday!!
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My name is Ike Stephens. I started driving a truck in 2002. I started making trucking videos in 2010. I've done everything from VLOGs to parodies.

Trucker Rag Chew | Trucker Rag Chew is mixture of Vlog, music, and opinion. It is one of the original VLOG style videos series in the YouTube Trucking genre.

Bonehead Truckers | I am one of only people who will call out the bad things truckers do to ruin this industry. Bonehead Truckers exposes the bad behavior of truck drivers.

Trucking Advice | Mixed is into the normal videos, I have been known to put out an occasional educational video. Even though I still have a lot to learn myself, the things I do talk about is stuff I've learned the hard way.

YouTube Live | I was one of the original content creators to do live content. I started on Ustream and when YouTube started the live interactive content, I was one of the first to participate.

Parodies | On occasion, I will do parodies of other YouTube Truckers. I created the Tommy Block character.

Music Videos | My passion for videos started when I made music videos when I was a kid. That passion still exists today.

Cruise Videos | I also do various types of cruise videos.

I will also mix in radio, racing, fishing, and family videos.

For business inquiries, contact by email.

If you would like to support this channel, the cashapp is:

Say No To Bonehead Truckers

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