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Surgery. The Territory of Love. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

23 Oct 2020

Alina Lukasheva is happy with her life. Or so it seems. She has a caring husband, Sergei, a young son Lyoshka, security, warmth and comfort at home. In addition she has a job that she adores, working with Sergei in the same surgery department at the local hospital. Both of them are totally committed to their work. But one day everything collapses. Eminent surgeon, Yegor Kotov, with whom Alina was passionately in love twelve years ago, is appointed head of the department.
All those years ago, Yegor returned Alina's love, but ultimately did not divorce his wife. When they parted, however, Yegor did not know that Alina was pregnant by him. Now their feelings re-ignite with even greater passion, as if none of those years has ever passed. Alina understands that Yegor still loves her, and this time he is ready to divorce for the woman he loves. But is Alina ready to betray Sergei? And destroy their family’s well-being and happiness?

Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2016
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Roman Brovko
Written by: Ekaterina Latanova, Ekaterina Mіndadze, Natalia Glasenko
Production designer: Anatoliy Pidoprigora
Director of photography: Sergey Boiko
Music by: Oles Korovnichenko
Producers: Aleksey Terentiev, Vlad Ryashin
Cast: Olga Grіshina, Konstantin Samoukov, Dmitriy Ptchola, Svetlana Zelbet, Vladimir Mashuk, Darina Panasenko

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Surgery. The Territory of Love. Episode 1
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