Steve McClure Searches For Richie's Perfect 8b+ | Old Dog New Tricks Ep 3

09 Jan 2021

Things are going well for Richie, he's been training hard and getting closer to his 8b+ goal...but then disaster strikes. A torn shoulder sidelines him for a month and things suddenly become much harder. Luckily Steve McLure is on hand to give sone expert advice and scout out which 8b+ might be best for Richie.

Old Dogs New Tricks follows Richie Patterson, ‘a rapidly ageing, perennially injured, underachiever’ (his own words) on a quest to see if modern training techniques can help him surpass his previous best and climb the magic grade of 8b+. And all in under a year!

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Setbacks On The Quest To Climb 8b+ | Old Dog New Tricks

Director: Sandro Hayes, Ben Pritchard
Producer: Richie Patterson

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