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Running MySQL and MariaDB on Azure cloud - MySQL Cloud Tutorial

11 Jan 2021

Paige Liu, Principal Software Engineer (Microsoft), Roger Levy, VP Business Development (MariaDB) deliver their talk, "Running MySQL and MariaDB on Azure cloud" on DAY 1 of the 2016 Percona Data Performance Conference, April 19, at Santa Clara, CA.

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Every day we see more and more enterprise workloads starting in the cloud. It’s a clear indication that more companies are enjoying the benefits that the #cloud brings, including agility, scalability, and cost effectiveness. It’s never a trivial task to set up a #database cluster that is highly available and performs well. It can be even more challenging in the cloud as you need to have the knowledge about the infrastructure the cloud provides. Microsoft Azure is one of the few hyper-scale public cloud on the market. With datacenters across 22 regions in the world, it has offerings ranging from infrastructure to platform to software as a service, all provided with enterprise grade security and SLAs. In this session, you will learn the options of deploying and running #MySQL with high availability on Azure. We will discuss how to choose storage, network, and compute resources to achieve high availability and performance. We will use the example of MariaDB Enterprise cluster with MaxScale on Azure to explain design challenges, trade-offs, and also its unique advantages. While some of the challenges and techniques may be specific to Azure, many considerations also apply to running large scale workload in production in the cloud.

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