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Royal Enfield Himalayan finally in Delhi? - Part 8

12 Aug 2021

Motorcycle Trip to India. Royal Enfield Himalyan

The trip was two months long and I did a little above 13,000km. I was on the territories of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. I had wonderful time there and met so many so many great people. The idea of these video series is to show you the world the way it is. No hard edition, no cinematic effect. I want you to see and feel everything I have experienced there. Before I start the trip I was looking for information about this part of the world and found that there is not enough. I believe that these video series will fill the gap and provide the necessary information for every motorcycle traveler who has these destinations in his mind.
Special thanks to my sponsor Smart Turn System www. for helping me complete my trip. They also offer 20 % discount and lifetime warranty for everyone who use the links below:
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I can highly recommend their products to each and every one of you!
Also very special thanks to everyone who sent money for my trip:
Carmen Matinez (Mexico), Dmitry Checkin (Russia), Chris Chan (USA), Michael Abbot (UK), Keith Talbot (UK), Dimitar Vasilev (Bulgaria), Jim Freeman (USA), Brian Eliott (UK), Graham Young (Ireland), David Walsh (UK), Daniel Microni (Italy), Bruno Remidas (Spain), Tom Wilson (Canada), James Bar (UK), Dr Kolev (Bulgaria), Uwe Keutz (Germany), Marcel Duchale (Germany), Tomas Ramelis (Lithuania), Mo Saito (USA), Baz Veitch (Scotland), Anton Pustilnik (Lithuania), J Saul Stuart (USA), Stefano Tornieri (Italy), Gordon Rigg (UK), Robert Belasco (USA), Catalin Ghetu (Romania), Roger Deller (Switzerland), Dessy Mancheva (Bulgaria), Henrik Köhn (Sweden), Stephen Mundane (UK), Davor Mrša (Croatia), Chitaram Shathasivam (Malaysia), Victor Kravchenko (Russia), Allan Jackson (UK), Rohan Thatté (India), Paul Fairbrass (UK).
Thanks to my Patrons and all of my subscribers! I am here because of you! Thank you!
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