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Proposition 24: A user’s guide to the California propositions on the November 2020 ballot

11 Jan 2021

There are a lot of things on your November ballot. Along with local, statewide, and national candidates to choose from — and local measures — there are 12 statewide propositions on the ballot for Californians to decide.

It’s a lot of information, so we’re breaking down the basics of all 12.

Proposition 24 would expand California’s data privacy laws. The sharing of consumers’ personal information would be more limited. Additionally, Prop 24 would create a California Privacy Protection Agency. The proposition will cost taxpayers collectively at least ten million dollars but likely not more than the low tens of millions.

A YES vote would expand California’s privacy laws and establish a state Privacy Protection Agency.

A NO vote would mean California would continue following current privacy laws enforced by the state’s Department of Justice

Supporters say it would strengthen privacy laws, hold corporations accountable when they violate fundamental rights, and protect kids online.

Opponents say it will allow “pay for privacy” schemes and makes it harder to stop tech giants from selling customer information.

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