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Proposition 14: A user’s guide to the California propositions on the November 2020 ballot

11 Jan 2021

There are a lot of things on your November ballot. Along with local, statewide, and national candidates to choose from — and local measures — there are 12 statewide propositions on the ballot for Californians to decide.

It’s a lot of information, so we’re breaking down the basics of all 12.

Proposition 14 would dedicate $5.5 billion to stem cell and other medical research of brain-related diseases, including training, building construction, and administrative costs. The funds, obtained through general obligation bonds, would be paid back by taxpayers over approximately 30 years at $260 million per year.

A YES vote means the state government can sell bonds to pay for stem cell and other medical research at the price of about two hundred and sixty million taxpayer dollars per year for thirty years

A NO vote means California’s government cannot sell bonds to fund the research.

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