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How Tim Ferriss Jr. Became New Rich Millionaire by 29 ?(4 Hour Work Week Success Story Podcast)

12 May 2021

What's up from Croatia guys. At the end of the day, this impromptu rant is at it's core about how we got deep into the 4 hour workweek 5 years ago, and basically set that as our mission. Which was sparked by a 2013 'too-weak' vacation to Thailand.

I remember us saying in our shitty apartment.. "this is our new college assignment. If we can freaking graduate college, we can figure out this muse thing...."

Of course it wasn't JUST the 4hww that led to our success, it was a combination of things. Here's a blog post of the other Top 5 'life hacks' that led the dream to become a reality

Don't know of The 4 Hour Work Week? Here's my summary:
(it's a figure of speech title btw)

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