Digital Nomad Story: Getting High on Meditation & Buddhism in Nepal w/ Stephen Yeh from The Bay

12 May 2021

Yo guys! Sry It's been a while since the last podcast episode. Don't forget this channel is a video podcast too! See the playlist below!

This one's a something a little different. It was recorded last month in Chiang Mai but I was waiting to post it til Stephen built up some videos for his new vlog , and I felt like it was the time to release it this week cuz I just watched Dr. Strange on the plane lol (where a guy goes to some secret place Nepal to learn the spiritual magic..) 😇

Anyway! Since this interview, Stephen has started putting out killer videos! Watch below!

He's posting them to Facebook, so go follow there. This first vlog is dope AF!

Story: Something a little different from the regular Digital Nomad podcasts! Just some hippie shit ;)

Stephen is one of my original Chiang Mai homies - he was part of the initial group at the Dropship Lifestyle Conference in 2014. But his digital nomad journey started way before mine and he was even making money on Ebay in college!

We get into his recent trip trekking thru Nepal, meditation, finding his path, and searching for the next level.

Leave a comment if u r feelin this! It was nice to get into philosophy a bit as I'm a huge student of philosophy and buddhism myself - ever since I started heavily 'self-educating' myself thru YouTube back in college.

And share with your friends:)

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