City Walk: Aiken, South Carolina Downtown Flat virtual treadmill walking video

Published on 29 Sep 2020 / In Travel & Events

City Walk: Aiken, South Carolina Downtown vr 360 virtual treadmill walking video

Watched walker videos for great treadmill workouts. We explore downtown Aiken, South Carolina known for golf, horses, and the Savanah River Nuclear Facility. The weather in Aiken was a balmy 80 degrees on a sunny day in early October as we explore the streets of downtown. It's a quiet town with many shops, hotels, and restaurants to choose from.
People were certainly friendly and I loved all of the trees that still had their leaves. The recent Hurrican Michael and Florence that blew through didn't do a whole lot of damage

That said, I think that Billings (next video) will be the last one I shoot on the GoPro Fusion. It's just too much work to process and get poor results. I have to go and adjust the level throughout the whole video with mediocre results so I think I'm going back to a 2d flat format using a gimbal.

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These videos are great for treadmill walking scenery. Getting good health at the gym while traveling to different and special virtual locations.

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