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BASE Jump Goes Wrong in Bangkok | The Perfect Flight, Ep. 6

09 Jan 2021


Looking for a change of scenery, the three wingsuit pilots Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes and Ludo Woerth head to Bangkok, Thailand for some 'illegal' BASE jumping.

There are thousands and thousands of skyscrapers and buildings to choose from, but in a multi-million resident city like this, landing areas (streets) are tight, crowded and full of infrastructure -- that means wires, wires and more wires. A parachute's nemesis.

After ruling out a HIGHWAY landing, the boys work with the local authorities and set aside a BASE jump the authorities will assist with, clearing streets and providing ambulance support... in case. Still, strong winds threaten this oh-so-well planned jump.

Conditions aren't 'perfect' but the boys have a window to go. So they do. But for one of the pilots the trip does not end as he expected...

BASE Jump Goes Wrong in Bangkok | The Perfect Flight, Ep. 6

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