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Amazon Doesn't Profit As Much As You Think

30 Aug 2021

Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world with a market cap of $1.57 trillion. Considering their dominant position in the online shopping market, this isn't very surprising. However, something that is surprising is Amazon's profit margins. Despite its strong position within the E-commerce market, Amazon has struggled to make a profit throughout its history. In fact, Amazon's retail business was unprofitable up until 2018. And even today, their international retail business is essentially breakeven. So, where do the hundreds of billions of revenue they pull in every year even end up? This video analyzes Amazon's quarterly report in order to determine where exactly our money goes and why Amazon has such a tough time increasing profits.

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0:00 - Amazon’s Controversy
1:38 - The Value Of Prime
3:54 - Amazon Expenses Breakdown
8:06 - Amazon’s Retail Business
9:02 - Jeff Bezos’ Fortune Explained

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