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Discovering and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts
2 Views · 3 months ago

"Teamwork makes the dream work," but if that's true, then why are group projects downright notorious? Add more people--and their opinions, preferences, motivations, etc.- to any situation, and things are guaranteed to get more complicated! From our friends, coworkers, spouses, families, the truth is, relationships are hard to navigate. Do you wish you had a surefire way to transform your relationships for the better? We're kicking off a brand new series called 5 Great Truths this month. Tune in as Pastor Andrew McCourt kicks off the series by diving into 1 Corinthians 12.

This video is presented to you by Bayside Church - with 7 locations around California - one of the largest and fastest growing churches in North America. Let us know how we can meet your needs at

HPD releases video footage of SUV possibly used in drive-by shooting that injured 11-year-old girl
1 Views · 5 months ago

Houston police are searching for three men accused of firing into the victim's home Sunday morning.


Mississippi State to play Texas Tech in Liberty Bowl
1 Views · 5 months ago

The game is set for December 28 and will be televised on ESPN.

Chargers vs Bengals: Justin Herbert throws 3 TD in HUGE win over Cincy | CBS Sports HQ
1 Views · 5 months ago

Full recap of the Chargers-Bengals game on Sunday.


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Multiple Teens Arrested During Large Gathering, Fights Outside Millennium Park
1 Views · 5 months ago

21 juveniles were arrested after large crowds gathered near Millennium Park Saturday evening, according to police.

FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes
1 Views · 6 months ago


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Mission Statement
Investigate & expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical & transparent society.

Core Values
MORAL COURAGE - Courage is the virtue that sustains all others. We choose to overcome our fears.

WE ARE ALL LEADERS - Turning people into leaders. Completed staff work. Ownership.

COLLABORATION - Best not to work in silos. No one individual is as smart as all of us.

RESILIENCE - Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Never, ever, ever give up. We don't let mistakes or setbacks discourage us. Pursue perfection, knowing full well you will never attain it.

MISSION DRIVEN - The best people are motivated by purpose. We are passionate and truly believe in our cause. We must be externally focused, not internally focused.

MAKE THE STATUS QUO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE - We move mountains. Failure is not an option. We do whatever it takes.

THE TIP OF THE SPEAR - We are a loss leader. We do not shy away from conflict or litigation.

Ethical Values
Rule #1 – Truth is paramount. Our reporting is fact based with clear and irrefutable video and audio content. Truth is paramount. We never deceive our audience. We do not distort the facts or the context. We do not “selectively edit.”

Rule #2 – We do not break the law. We maintain one-party consent when recording someone is inherently moral and ethical. We never record when there is zero-party consent. In areas where we are required to have consent from all parties, we seek legal guidance regarding the expectation of privacy’s impact on our right to record.

Rule #3 – We adhere to the 1st Amendment rights of others. During our investigations we do not disrupt the peace. We do not infringe on the 1st Amendment rights of others.

Rule #4 – The Zekman Test. The undercover investigations we pursue are judged by us to be of “vital public interest” and “profound importance.” The Zekman Test is our baseline. Undercover investigative reporting is necessary because, “...there’s no other way to get the story...” Whereas the Society of Professional Journalists allows for undercover techniques, if undercover techniques are necessary to expose issues of vital public importance; we believe they are not only allowed but required.

Rule #5 – We Protect the Innocent When Possible - Embarrassing private details are not to be investigated. We stay away from irrelevant embarrassingly intimate details about private citizens personal lives. We look for individual wrong-doing and judge its public importance. The irrelevant religious or sexual dispositions of our targets are not to be investigated.

Rule #6 – Transparency. Our methods & tactics must be reasonable and defensible. We use the “Twelve Jurors on Our Shoulder” rule. The work has to be done with such a degree of integrity that it can withstand scrutiny in both law & ethics. We are comfortable with transparency. We must be willing to be ready to disclose our methods upon publication.

Rule #7 – Verifying and Corroborate Stories – Evaluate impact on third parties and Newsworthiness of Statements Alone.We consistently consider the probable truth or falsity of statements, examine any reasons to doubt the veracity of underlying assertions and whether the assertions are newsworthy. When possible, we will confirm with our subjects that their statements captured on video are accurate & truthful. At the very least, we will give our subjects an opportunity to elaborate and/or respond. In all matters, we rely on the 1st Amendment to protect our ability to publish newsworthy items after our internal deliberations. On whether there is an obligation to ensure the veracity of statements made on video, 1.) consider whether the remarks may potentially impact an innocent third party. (Factors in support of releasing the content) and 2.)The Newsworthiness of the statement alone by itself. (Factors against releasing the content).

Rule #8 – Raw Video. In certain circumstances we may release the “raw” video to the press and or the public. But as a rule, we do not.

Rule #9 – Subject Anonymity. We investigate & question sources before promising anonymity. Once we confirm, we will do everything in our power to protect the identity of our confidential sources.

Rule #10 – Being Accountable. Admit mistakes & correct them promptly.

Rule #11 – We do not manufacture content. We do not put words in our investigative subjects' mouths. We do not lead the horse to water. Our purpose is to elicit truth.

Rule #12 – With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

Crowd Surge Kills At Least 8 During Travis Scott Set At Astroworld Music Festival 
1 Views · 6 months ago

The youngest person killed was 14 years old, while the youngest fan injured is 10.

14-Year-Old Stevie Johnson Found Safe After Successful Amber Alert
1 Views · 6 months ago

The City of Glenn Heights Police Department said they will reunite missing Glenn Heights teen Stevie Johnson, 14, with her family on Nov. 6.

Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Halts Vaccine Requirement
1 Views · 6 months ago

A federal appeals court temporarily blocked the Biden Administration's vaccine requirement for businesses with 100 or more employees.

U.S. court freezes Biden's vaccine rule for companies
1 Views · 6 months ago

A U.S. federal appeals court issued a stay Saturday freezing the Biden administration's efforts to require workers at U.S. companies with at least 100 employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly, citing "grave statutory and constitutional" issues with the rule.

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Animal Group Takes Action After Rare Baby Albino Squirrel Found In Macomb County
1 Views · 6 months ago

A rare sighting in Macomb County has animal groups scrambling to help out.

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Remaining Cashless After Fully Reopening Nov. 8 To Those Vaccinated
1 Views · 6 months ago

Officials say the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel will remain cashless on the Detroit side after fully reopening Monday to vaccinated travelers going to Canada.

General Motors To Idle Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant For 3 Months, Report Says
1 Views · 6 months ago

General Motors will idle its Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant for about three months over the next year.

BREAKING: Dodgers Decline Joe Kelly Option for 2022, Will LA Re-Sign, Did he Live up to Contract?
1 Views · 6 months ago

-Breaking down the Dodgers decision to decline Joe Kelly's option for the 2022 season.
-Will the Dodgers try to re-sign Kelly?
-Did he live up to his contract?
-Favorite Joe Kelly moment?

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Bensenville Police Officer Shot Overnight Is In Surgery
2 Views · 6 months ago

A suspect is in custody after a Bensenville police officer was shot while responding to a domestic disturbance Saturday morning. CBS 2’s Steven Graves reports the officer was in surgery Saturday evening at Loyola University Medical Center.

West Bountiful sport card shop out thousands of dollars after burglary
1 Views · 6 months ago

A small business owner is out thousands of dollars after a burglary early Monday morning.

The crime was caught on camera.

Video shows a car drive up to DC Sports Cards and Collectibles. Two people get out of the car, smash the door open and head inside.

Cameras inside the store capture the two individuals, wearing masks, needing just seconds to grab several items including various brands of trading cards.

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Red Cross, Hispanic Caucus Institute Install Smoke Alarms
1 Views · 6 months ago

Several Red Cross volunteers spent their morning installing smoke alarms in homes in the Little Village neighborhood.

Republicans on track to retake Virginia House of Delegates
1 Views · 6 months ago

The election was seen as a referendum on a series of progressive reforms that Democrats have passed over the past two years.

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Oil Tanker Explodes in Sierra Leone, Killing at Least 92
1 Views · 6 months ago

An oil tanker truck exploded near Sierra Leone's capital, killing at least 98 people and severely injuring dozens of others after large crowds gathered to collect leaking fuel, officials and witnesses said Saturday.

The explosion took place late Friday when the tanker collided with another truck as it was pulling into a gas station near a busy intersection in Wellington, just east of the capital of Freetown, according to the National Disaster Management Agency.

“Both drivers came out of their vehicles and warned community residents to stay off the scene while trying to address a leakage emanating from the collision,” the agency said.

In this deeply impoverished country, however, crowds still rushed in to scoop up the fuel, witnesses said. It was not immediately known what caused the leaking fuel to ignite but a massive explosion soon followed.

Video obtained by The Associated Press showed a giant fireball burning in the night sky as some survivors with severe burns cried out in pain. The charred remains of some victims lay strewn at the scene, awaiting transport to mortuaries.

Nearly 100 injured people were taken to area hospitals, officials said. About 30 severely burned people at Connaught Hospital were not expected to survive, according to Foday Musa, a staff member in its intensive care unit.

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1 Views · 6 months ago

This eleven-month-old leopard cub that got sniffed out by a hungry hyena had to make a desperate run for its life – and was saved from death by a nearby tree.

The one hyena in a pack of four had walked past the young leopard who had been left hiding under a bush by its mother while she went out to hunt for a kill to feed it.
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This nail-biting sighting was captured by 30-year-old, accountant and part time photographic guide, Moosa Varachia, while on a game drive on the S1 in the Kruger National Park.

Moosa tells the story: “We had just had an incredible sighting of a male leopard at the Nwaswitshaka waterhole and it was time for the dreaded drive to the gate which brings the end to the day. We stopped on the S1 and there was a young leopard sitting in the dense bush. We took some photos and videos and were just about to leave when I looked up and saw a clan of hyena approaching!”

“I knew that this situation may not end well for the leopard cub.”

But as this incredible footage shows, the alpha hyena catches the leopard's scent and turns and retraces its footsteps and tries to hunt out the potential competitor and then spots it.

The young leopard, realising its hiding place has been spotted and that mum is not around to save her, makes a sprint for safety but being so young cannot reach its adult speed.

The 40mph hyena, which was an estimated 5 foot long and 3 foot at the shoulder, and weighing 100lbs, would have easily taken the young cub out when it caught her.

But the canny cub spotted a tree and, using its claws, managed narrowly to outrun the carnivore that was out to kill it, and climb a tree and escape its hunter.

“It was an emotional roller coaster and I was extremely delighted to see the cub survive!"

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